Catholic Schools Band Camp



Our Counselors are former students who have finished the freshman year of High School and are still involved with music. At  Band Camp we utilize the Counselors as Section Leaders. They help teach the Campers to play at Section lesson and they play along with the Campers in A-Band. Because of this we have the great Camper to Counselor ratio of 4 to 1. Besides teaching music, the Counselors also monitor games and supervise in the dorms. The Counselors sleep in the dorms with the Campers.

Another important part of our support staff is our Adult Chaperones. We have between 4 and 6 Adult Volunteers stay at Camp with us to help with Food Service, games, Night Supervision, Moral support and anything else that may come up.

The last, but by far not the least important part of the Camp machine is the Camp Cooks. We hire 2 cooks to prepare 3 meals and 1 snack each day for 200 people. We try to serve balanced, nutritious meals and almost everything is prepared fresh. We try to offer “kid friendly” meals that all will enjoy. We feature favorites like Pancakes, French Toast, Sub-sandwiches, Hamburgers, Sloppy Joes, Pizza and plenty of fresh fruit just to keep things ”moving”

A further extension of our Teaching Staff is our Counselors

Miss Wojcik

These two directors represent 10 Schools and have collectively almost 70 years of experience teaching Band.

The second line of instruction is our

Associate Director and the Senior Counselors

Mr. Rick Mlynarski

Mr. Richard Case

At Band camp, our Staff is comprised of many diverse and well-qualified individuals.

First we have, the Directors