Catholic Schools Band Camp

 Dear Friends of Catholic Schools Band Camp

        Over the past 31 years we have hosted over 5000 Campers at camp Lawrence. Campers, Counselors, Chaperones and Directors, all had a happy and productive time.  Last year we barely made our     minimum attendance figure of 70. In fact, we actually only had 68.  We tried everything we could think of to ”pull it off”. We talked about it daily, we sent flyers, we sent letters and we placed ads wherever we could. We even extended our deadline twice and the best result was 36 Campers. 

        So as with all things where there is a beginning ; there  is an ending.  Because of insufficient enrollment, the Catholic Schools Band Camp will not take place this year or any other. If you want to look back, the link on the flyers is still good to look at past camps.        

        We graciously thank you for your past support and help.    

Rich Case

        Rick Mlynarski

               “  Well I had the time of my Life and I never felt so good Before, and I owe it all to you “